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I believe creativity is our greatest human resource.

I also believe contemporary societies are suffering from a damaging misconception of human creativity. We have conjured up a divided imagine of the world where creativity is imagined to primarily exist within – and for – the arts, crafts and visual industries. A world that splits people into ‘creatives’ and ‘non creatives’. However, neurologically every human being has the capacity to think creativity*. Creativity is at work in all industries, environments and communities. However, because of these deep-rooted beliefs, we are not fulfilling our potential.

The ‘I am not creative’ delusion is a truly limiting belief that the majority of people hold. It is without doubt, the single biggest blocker to each of us accessing our creativity as a valuable resource in our lives. In a world that demands us all to constantly adapt, evolve and innovate at an ever-increasing speed, it’s time we all reclaimed our creativity and learnt how we can put it to work.

Here’s a short video where I attempt to answer the question ‘Why Creativity Matters’.

I would love to hear why you believe creativity does or does not matter to you.​

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