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“The aim of every organization must be to help human beings live better lives. For the conscious organization the true aim must not simply be the betterment of a few but of the whole organization and the wider impact that organization can serve.

In my experience, this quest for betterment is becoming more and more bound up with one particular question: the question of purpose and meaning not just for the organisation but also for each individual.

Unleash the Creativity in your Organization

I believe that underlying this quest for betterment resides a deeper intent: our specific human desire for the discovery of meaning.  In the realization of this collective desire, we are currently witnessing a transformation of our approach to work and a call for the humanization of our working cultures. We enter a new age, an age of increasing consciousness, an age of creativity: interconnected and interdependent.”

– Eugene Hughes, CEO at People Brands

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  1. Susan Penn #

    Hi Eugene: In my experience, what you describe is a vast undercurrent in organizations today, creating great dissatisfaction and disengagement among employees (at a time when engagement and innovation is critical to change and success.) It’s a progressive, and perhaps rare leader who leads with this in mind. After all, EQ a/o awareness is still referred to as a “soft skill.”

    September 10, 2012

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